My name is Charlotte and I am based in Berlin, Germany. I started to shoot concerts in 2018 and I have a strong focus female musicians. My happy place is at showcase festivals where I can discover up and coming artists. I prefer smaller venues over the big stages, but I ain't afraid to go into the pit with thousands of people behind me.
In July 2020 I founded SHOWGRAPHERS - a platform to connect musicians and music photographers. The photographers can sign up for free and musicians can browse through all the verified profiles. In the first 1,5 months more than 250 music photographers from all over the globe signed up. Go check it out!

Since February 2019 I write and shoot for the German music blog I mainly cover live music but also do interviews and reviews from time to time.  In September 2020 I started as the official photographer for fem concerts - a brand new all-female concert series in Berlin to showcase local talent.

I often get asked why I go to so many gigs and the answer is quite simple: I love live music, I love photography and I love to support people & projects I believe in. And as a music photographer I can combine all these things. But in the end, I’m just a sucker for artists nobody knows yet and I travel to get my fix of new music.

Drop me a message if you're interested in working together:!
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